Steven Gootgeld

"Generating Gratitude" by Steven Gootgeld

"Generating Gratitude" 24x18x5, handbuilt ceramic

Buffalo medicine is a profound prayer of gratitude for all that has been received. In gratitude we honor the power of Great Spirit, prayer and abundance.

"Realms" by Steven Gootgeld

"Realms" 22x23x6, handbuilt ceramic $3,200.

Eagle medicine is considered to be the most powerful and sacred of all animals. The highest flying of all, Eagle has the ability to soar simultaneously through the realms of Spirit and Earth. Eagle experiences the larger perspective while able to spot minute details on the ground below.

"Moon Temple" by Steven Gootgeld

"Moon Temple" 18x9x5, handbuilt ceramic $3,900.

Caped Spirit Figures by Steven Gootgeld

"Caped Spirit Figures" various sizes, handbuilt ceramic. Starting at $85.

Spirit Lovers Figures by Steven Gootgeld

"Spirit Lovers Series" various sizes, handbuilt ceramic. Starting at $115.

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