Steve Spellman

"Canyon Views" Exhibition October 1st - December 31st, 2017
 Reception for the artist October 7th, 5-7pm

Stephen Spellman "View of the Pedernal

"View of the Pedernal" 12x16, oil (SOLD)

Stephen Spellman "Autumn Lake View"

"Autumn Lake View" 12x16, oil $960.

Spellman "Canyon Ranch"

"Canyon Ranch" 30x40, oil (SOLD)

Stephen Spellman "Chico Basin Ranch"

"Chico Basin Ranch" 12x16, oil $960.

Steve Spellman "The Old Taos"

"The Old Taos" 12x16, oil (SOLD)

Stephen Spellman "Down From the Hills"

"Down From the Hills" 20x24, oil $1,600.

Stephen Spellman  "Canyon View"

"Canyon View" 48x24, oil (SOLD)

Stephen Spellman "High Mountain Vale"

"High Mountain Vale" 9x12, oil $700.S

Stephen Spellman "Pilar Crossing"

"Pilar Crossing" 16x20, oil $1,300.

Steve Spellman "Morada"

"Morada" 9x12, oil (SOLD)

Stephen Spellman "Quilted Land"

"Quilted Land" 22x28, oil $1,900.

Stephen Spellman "Red Lands"

"Red Lands" 20x24, oil $1,600.

Stephen Spellman "Stream of Consciousness"

"Stream of Consciousness" 24x36, oil $2,600.

Stephen Spellman "Taos Farms"

"Taos Farms" 12x16, oil (SOLD)

Stephen Spellman "Taos Mountain Shadows"

"Taos Mountain Shadows" 30x40, oil $3,100.

Stephen Spellman "The Red of it All"

"The Red of it All" 24x24, oil $1,800.

Stephen Spellman "Los Brasos"

"Los Brasos" 16x20, oil $1,300.

Stephen Spellman "Down River"

"Down River" 8x10, oil (SOLD)

Steve Spellman "True Colors"

"True Colors" 20x24, oil $1,600.

Steve Spellman "Wild River Canyon"

"Wild River Canyon" 22x28, oil $2,000.

steve spellman ranch

"Medano Ranch" Oil, 20x24, $1600

steve spellman, high road farms, 14x18, Oil, $1100

"High Road Farms" 14x18, Oil, $1100

steve spellman , Cloudscape, 40x30, Oil, $3100

"Cloudscape" 40x30, Oil, $3100

steve spellman , Gypsy Clouds, Oil, 40x30, $3400

"Gypsy Clouds" 40x30, Oil, $3100

steve spellman arid farms 18x24 oil $1500

"Arid Farms" 18x24, Oil, $1500

steve spellman valdez trail 30x40 oil $3450

"Valdez Trail" 30x40, Oil, $3100

steve Spellman Dry Hills 20x24 Oil $1800

"Dry Hills", 20x24, Oil $1600

steve spellman Mount Blanca 9x12 Oil $700

"Mount Blanca" , 9x12, Oil, $700

steve spellman Mt. Herad Sangre De Christos 11x14 Oil $850

"Mt. Herad" (Sangre De Christos) 11x14, Oil $850

steve Spellman North of Creed 16x20 Oil $1500

"North Of Creed", 16x20, Oil $1300

steve spellman The Tack House Las Golandrinas 20x24 Oil $1800

"The Tack Room" (Las Golandrinas), 20x24, Oil $1600

steve spellman The Tack Room Las Golandrinas 20x24 Oil $1800

"The Tack House" (Las Golandrinas), 12x12, Oil $750

Steve Spellman - Autumn Fields

"Autumn Fields", 20x24, oil $1,600.

Steve Spellman - Cliffs At Pilar

"Cliffs At Pilar", 20x24, oil $1,800.

Rhythm of the Land

"Rhythm Of The Land", 40x30, oil (SOLD)

Steve Spellman - Perfect Day

"Perfect Day", 20x24, oil (SOLD)

Steve Spellman "A Field of Dreams"

"A Field of Dreams" 18x24, oil (SOLD)

steve spellman, big valley, 24x30, Oil, $2200

"Big Valley" 24x30, Oil, (SOLD)

Steve Spellman - Elements of Nature

"Elements of Nature", 18x24, oil (SOLD)

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