Charles Ewing

Charles Ewing "Night Train"

"Night Train" 16x16, ink on claybord $2,900.

Charles Ewing "Sisters Summit"

"Sisters Summit" 20x16, ink on claybord $3,800.

Charles Ewing "Feathered Wisdom"

"Feathered Wisdom" 24x18, ink on claybord (SOLD)

Charles Ewing "Rams Above the Rio Grande"

"Rams Above the Rio Grande" 18x36, ink $5,100.

Charles Ewing "Dappled Drink"

"Dappled Drink" 40x30, ink $7,600.

Charles Ewing "Prairie Home Companion"

"Prairie Home Companion" 18x18, ink $2,900.

Charles Ewing "Newbie"

"Newbie" 16x20, ink $2,100.

charles ewing, night watch, 30x40, Oil, $7200

"Night Watch" 30x40, Oil, $7200

charles ewing, old man and a booy, 30x18, Ink on claybord, $3900

"Old Man & A Boy" 30x18, Ink On Claybord, $3690

charles ewing El Burro 20x30, Oil, $3600

"El Burro" 20x30, Oil, $3600

"Working Man" 20x16, Ink On Claybord $2800

"Young Rider" by Charles Ewing

"Young Rider" 15x12, Ink on Claybord (SOLD)

"Dialog With Integrity" by Charles Ewing

"Dialog With Integrity" 24x18, Giclee' $550.

"Buffalo Moon" by Charles Ewing

"Buffalo Moon" 30x30, Ink on claybord (sold). Giclee available, framed, $1,150.
Giclee available, unframed, $850.

charles ewing Overlook 26x26 Ink on claybord $4800

"Overlook" 24 x 24 Giclee $750 unframed, $875 framed

Charles Ewing "Meeting of the Minds"

"Meeting of the Minds" 14x22, ink (SOLD)

Charles Ewing, Scent of the wind, 30x30, Ink on Claybord, $5800

"Scent Of The Wind" 30x30, Ink On Claybord, (SOLD)


Charles Ewing  Alberts Insights Ink on Claybord 18x24 $3700

"Albert's Insights" 18x24, Ink On Claybord, (SOLD)

"Stations of the Cross" Bronze Series. Contact us for information and availability.


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